Keto Light Plus – effective diet support or another worthless supplement?

The popularity of weight-loss diets is on the rise. That’s not a surprise – a properly balanced diet is necessary for weight reduction. A reduction diet combined with regular physical activity allows you to get your dream body. But sometimes, despite exercise and dieting – results are nowhere to be seen. Is there one, proven, diet model for weight loss? More and more often, the eyes of people looking to lose weight drift towards the ketogenic diet.

Experts stress that a diet should contain the proper calorie deficit that will allow you to burn fatty tissues. Proper macro-nutrient proportions are also of importance: carbohydrates, proteins, and fats. General advice rarely works, so one shouldn’t be surprised that dietitians offer more precise solutions – and one of them is the ketogenic diet.

The ketogenic diet – what is it?

The ketogenic diet is a real revolution. The rules of it are entirely different than most dietary recommendations – and despite that, this diet is considered to be very healthy. Even 100 years ago, this diet was used to treat drug-resistant epilepsy, and in modern-day, it’s used by people that suffer from insulin resistance and diabetes. The weight loss potential of the ketogenic diet is slowly coming out into daylight.

The basic rule of the ketogenic diet is limiting your daily intake of carbohydrates to 20-50g, simultaneously increasing the consumption of fats. In that way, the body enters the state of nutritional ketosis. Then it’s not the carbohydrates that become the primary source of energy for the cells, but the fatty acids released from adipose tissue, as well as ketone bodies synthesized from them. The ketogenic diet is aimed at intense fat burning – when carbohydrate consumption is limited, it is the fat stored in the body that becomes the primary source of energy. This means you burn fat quickly.

Carbohydrates are considered the primary source of energy for cells, but in fact, adipose tissue is much better energy storage. Overweight people have huge reserves of energy accumulated in adipose tissue, but the body cannot use them properly. The ketogenic diet teaches the body how to use that stored energy – and that means efficient fat burning.

From the moment the carbohydrate intake is reduced, the body redirects the metabolism to burning fat, which is an easily available source of energy – especially in overweight people. In addition, ketone bodies are synthesized as a result of the transformation of fatty acids in the liver. Ketone bodies can be used primarily as an energy source by the brain, which means that it is not necessary to consume large amounts of carbohydrates with the diet to ensure the proper functioning of this most important organ. The use of ketone bodies by the brain means that the use of a ketogenic diet is not accompanied by fatigue, concentration disorders, or deterioration of cognitive functions.

Many people confuse nutritional ketosis with ketoacidosis. Thats completely wrong. Ketosis is a physiological condition that can appear in everyone, e.g., after a several hours long break in eating. In turn, ketoacidosis is a complication of diabetes, in which high levels of ketone bodies are accompanied by high glucose levels – and this can lead to a coma.

The use of a ketogenic diet requires strict adherence to the menu – even a slight excess of carbohydrate intake causes the body to exit the state of ketosis. Then it takes several days to several weeks to regain this exceptional metabolic state because this is simply how long it takes to achieve the so-called keto-adaptation. And that’s the most common reason why many people are unable to stick to the keto diet for long periods of time. The constant recovery from the state of ketosis is also responsible for the lack of success in weight loss. Dietary supplements such as Keto Light Plus can help maintain a keto diet.

Keto Light+ – what is it, and how can it help people using a ketogenic diet?

keto light+

The secret to the effectiveness of the ketogenic diet is to maintain the state of nutritional ketosis, i.e., elevated levels of ketone bodies in the blood. Any disturbance of this metabolic state means that the state of ketosis must be achieved anew. The ketogenic diet only works when the blood ketone levels are elevated all the time. When the level of ketone bodies decreases as a result of dietary mistakes, it is necessary to start the diet again. What does it mean?

First of all – it slows down the process of achieving the desired figure because fat burning is inhibited. Secondly, it may be associated with a deterioration in well-being. Adaptation to the ketogenic diet is accompanied by ailments such as nausea, headaches, weakness, constipation, thirst and pollakiuria. To avoid them, it is necessary to follow the recommendations of the ketogenic diet and maintain an appropriate level of ketone bodies in the blood. This is where Keto Light Plus comes in handy, helping to maintain optimal ketosis in the body.

The product composition

The manufacturer does not provide information on the composition of the product on his website. This is not a surprising strategy – many manufacturers of effective dietary supplements try to keep the formula of the preparation secret from the competition. The manufacturer declares that the composition of the product is obtained from natural ingredients and ensures extremely effective operation, supporting the synthesis of ketone bodies with high efficiency.

Declared effectiveness

According to the manufacturer’s declarations, the Keto Light Plus product allows the user to experience desired metabolism changes. During the first week of using the dietary supplement, the fat burning processes are activated, thanks to which it is possible to lose even 1 – 2 kilograms.

At the same time, you may experience a decrease in appetite that is characteristic of nutritional ketosis.

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The producer declares that in the second week of supplementation, visceral fat is burned, which translates into a decrease in the circumference of the abdomen, and in the third week of using Keto Light Plus, further burning of fatty tissue deposits located in various areas of the body can be noticed. The fourth week of supplementation is accompanied by further slimming and shaping of the entire figure.

On the manufacturers website, you can find a promise that weight loss can be noticed after just 2-3 days of taking Keto Light Plus. The weight loss process is safe and effective, and it does not require troublesome fasting or demanding intense exercise plans.

Manufacturer recommended dosage

The Keto Light Plus dietary supplement comes as a powder that one should dissolve in water. One portion of the product should be dissolved and taken three times a day. The convenient form factor and ease of use make supplementation with Keto Light Plus extremely easy.

The supplement price

The normal price of Keto Light Plus is over 300pln, but thanks to sales regularly held on the manufacturer’s website, you can buy the supplement for as low as half the normal price. Considering the high effectiveness of the product, the manufacturer declares, this price doesn’t seem to be too high.

Where to buy?

The Keto Light Plus dietary supplement is available on the manufacturer’s website.

You can find all information on the supplement, its’ operation, and the dosage there.

All the rules of ordering the product, the payment, and the delivery are laid out on the site as well.

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