Losing weight for overworked people – how to get rid of excess weight when you don’t have the time?

More and more people have problems with their weight, which leads to a desire to gain a slender figure. That means the month of diets and exercise. At the same time, our society is overworked, and most of us spend most of their time at work. How to combine losing weight with a busy day plan? They’re not mutually exclusive – you only need to use several attractive and effective methods.

Exercise wherever you can, including at work

The fact you can exercise before or after work is something evident that everyone knows. But the fact you can also exercise during work hours is not that widely known. It’s often the case that an employer, as part of your break, might offer you exercise. But very often, taking care of an active lifestyle is on you, the employee. What can you do then?

Working out

If you have a break at work, you can spend it however you want – consider actively spending your free time. You can get a stepper, exercise bands, an expander – small accessories that you can always have with you and exercise wherever. So-called isometric exercise, meaning tensing and relaxing your muscles, also brings excellent results. And since no movement is done during those exercises, you can exercise even behind your desk. You can also stretch or do chair yoga.

But that’s not all that’s possible for office physical activity. It turns out that the need for fitness in the office is so big that manufacturers of professional fitness equipment came forward with new products designed for the office. 

One of the professional exercise machines like that is a professional desk treadmill. The treadmill is designed in a way that allows you to place it under your desk. It’s very compact, perfectly shock absorbent, and operates quietly. Every office will have enough space for such a device. Another innovative solution would be a desk exercise bicycle. It’s constructed in a way that allows you to attach it to the desk. It’s powered by your muscles, so you don’t need any cables or batteries. The boss won’t complain about electricity bills, and thanks to the regulated seat height, the device can be used by people of various height.

And if you were to permanently combine a desk with an exercise bike? Not a problem, there are combined bike-desk sets available, combining modern, stylish design with the ability to exercise on two or three exercise bikes. It might be worthwhile to consider installing such solutions in your workplace. It brings only benefits – your employees are active and healthy, as well as more effective at their job and do not feel bored. That means benefits for both the employe and the employee.

Ways to maintain your physical activity

Many people can’t afford regular visits to a fitness club, but you can also effectively exercise at home. One of the options available is purchasing home fitness equipment – treadmills, bikes, dumbbells, barbells, kettlebells, orbital trainers. That way, you can exercise at any time of day, ex. When watching TV or listening to an audiobook.

Abs excercises

Do you have so little time for physical activity that investing in exercise equipment seems pointless? Try very short and effective exercises – Tabata. Such exercises take only four minutes but are very intensive. How do you exercise like that? You do any exercise for twenty seconds: push-ups, burpees, or jumping jacks, as intensive as you can, then you rest for 10 seconds. Repeat 8 times.

If you’re a parent, you can align caring for a child with physical activity. Do you have a small child, still using a stroller? Maybe you can buy a special running stroller – and combine walks with running as exercise. Parents of slightly older children can choose other activities – bikes, scooters, roller skates, wall climbing, or tennis. With that, you won’t need to budget additional time for exercise.

Sport is essential, but don’t forget the diet

If you want to lose weight – you can’t do it without a diet. Busy people often take advantage of a dietary catering offer. It’s a convenient way to balance your diet without having to spend time cooking. More and more catering companies offer officer packages, which allow you to adjust the meals to your work time. Other meals can be consumed at home.

Mutual motivation brings good results too. You just need to find a few co-workers who also want to improve their figure – and diet together. Each person can prepare a meal for more people every day – that way, you don’t need to prepare several meals a day, but only one.

Do you not need to use catering? Cook for two days, prepare quick salads and smoothies, make lunch boxes that you can take to work with you, and avoid high-calorie snacks. Proper nutrition is necessary for the exercise to bring results.

Professional work – even very absorbing work – does not exclude effective weight loss. You simply need to find a way to maintain physical activity and a balanced diet that would suit you the best. Then, every day will bring you closer to achieving your dream body.

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